The Autoprop Eco*Star

Perfect propulsion for hybrid and solar powered vessels.

Image of Gloriana with an Autoprop Eco Star propeller powering her during the Jubilee celebrations Image of Solar Sailor using Eco Star propeller Image of Sailing vessel using Eco Star propeller

The Autoprop is already propelling many hybrid or solar powered vessels around the world, the Solar Sailor and the Gloriana, seen above, being just two of them. Even though Autoprop was selected for these vessels and delivers better performance than any other propeller could achieve, the particular requirements of electrically driven vessels have led us to undertake three years of research, design and development as part of the Hymar project. The result is a remarkable propeller we have called the Autoprop Eco*Star.

Whatever type of vessel you may already own or be thinking of buying, be it leisure or commercial, if it is hybrid or solar powered the Eco*Star is the right propeller for your vessel. Actually we can go further than that! One of the ‘spin offs’ from our research, and the subsequent final design, is that diesel powered displacement vessels will also see quite dramatic reductions in fuel consumption, but with better performance, after fitting an Eco*Star.

We will be adding much more information about the Eco*Star to this website in the near future. In the meantime please click the image below to download the propeller's brochure. Also below is a Hymar logo; clicking that will take you to the Hymar project website where you will find all the details regarding the project and the companies who have collaborated to find the ideal hybrid power solution.

Autoprop Eco-Star Brochure

Image of Eco Star brochure, click here to download PDF file Hymar logo, click to visit their website