Autoprop Fitting and Servicing

Fitting and servicing Autoprops could not be easier. When you receive your Autoprop it comes ready assembled and one nut is all it takes to secure it to your yacht.

Servicing is just as simple, with routine cleaning for ballbearing types and cleaning and greasing for rollerbearing types being all that is needed when the yacht is lifted. Unlike many of our competitors propellers all the wearing parts of an Autoprop are replaceable.

Listed below are fitting and maintenance instructions for all our models. They are in PDF format for easy viewing or downloading..

H20 Autoprop manual
H20 ball bearing owners manual (available shortly)


APS-H20 Autoprop manual
APS-H20 ball bearing owners manual (available shortly)


APS Autoprop manual
APS ball bearing owners manual
APS RB tabscrew owners manual


Video help!

Fitting an Autoprop to a shaft drive

Fitting an Autoprop to a saildrive

Removing an Autoprop

H5 Autoprop manual
H5 ball bearing owners manual
H5 RB tabscrew owners manual

H6 Autoprop manual
H6 ball bearing owners manual
H6 tabscrew owners manual

H9 Autoprop manual
H9 RB tabscrew owners manual


H20 Autoprop manual
H20 RB tabscrew owners manual


H62 Autoprop manual
H62 RB tabscrew owners manual (available shortly)