Boat Shows 2017

Below is a list of boat shows around the world that it is the intention for either ourselves, or our agents, to be exhibiting at. If you are intending coming to a show and your main reason for doing so is to see us then we do ask you to check before hand to make sure that we will definitely be there.

London Jan 06-15

Chicago Jan 11-15

Dusseldorf Jan 21-29

Goteberg Feb 4-12

Helsinki Feb 10-19

Miami Feb 16-20

Austrian Boat Show
Mar 2-5

Stockholm Mar 4-12

Hiswa Amsterdam
Mar 8-12

La Grande Motte
International Multihull Boat Show. April 19 - 23

Bruntons at the Excel Boat Show

Annapolis Spring Boat Show Apr 29-30

Vela Festival May 3-7

Sanctuary Cove May 25-28

Seawork Southampton
(Trade show) – June 13 – 15.

Southampton Sept 15-24

Genoa Sept 21-26

Annapolis Oct 5-9

Hamburg Oct 28-Nov 5

Amsterdam – Mets (Trade Show) Nov 14-16

Paris - TBC