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The HYMAR project results in a superb new propeller for hybrid, purely electric vessels, and some displacement diesel craft.The HYMAR project has come to a successful conclusion and Bruntons have developed a new version of the Autoprop propeller, the Eco*Star, which gives outstanding performance. Read more about Eco*Star here. The full and final HYMAR report can be read here. For the full story of HYMAR go to the projects website here.

Solar Odyssey. Autoprop is a unique propeller and its uniqueness is being recognised by more and more people. The story above, regarding the Hymar project, shows how Autoprop's efficiency is already being recognised by a European wide and EEC funded consortium to produce a power pack for yachts that would create very ‘green’ yachts indeed. Now the Solar Odyssey project have decided to propel their remarkable craft with Autoprop. She looks like a trimaran with no rig but, this research vessel is purely engine driven, and during this year she will be attempting to beat the current world record for an Atlantic crossing and later a full circumnavigation with zero CO2 emissions.

Amels long relationship with Autoprop continues. Amel, the highly respected French manufacturer of cruising yachts, recently launched the 64 foot flagship of their range. The yacht is fitted with an Autoprop and continues the company's long tradition of using our propellers. More details here.