Autoprop Testimonials

Nothing tells a products story better than owner's own experiences and with Autoprop the message is one of satisfaction in every department: performance under sail, performance motor sailing, performance motoring, build quality and strength, and in our new green world, economy.

One of Autoprops earliest and greatest supporters is Sir Chay Blyth who, in the '90's' fitted all of his BT Challenge yachts with Autoprops. He summed up his Autoprop experience saying, "I can highly recommend Autoprop propellers to all sail boat owners who want the very best performance under power and sail."

On this page we have selected just a few of the many messages we've been sent by owners explaining why Autoprops provide all the benefits in the first paragraph and more. They also reflect the vast range of craft, from traditional wooden yachts to fast modern catamarans, that have all hugely benefited from fitting the unique Autoprop.

Antarctica. The most demanding conditions any yacht can operate in, but today one of Sir Chay Blyths' Challenge yachts, having passed through the Southern Ocean several times, now operates there full time complete with her Autoprop. For the full story click here.

Around the world by Autoprop.. Steve Everett’ s experiences of a circumnavigation on his Taswell 49 ‘All Seasons’, which had been fitted with an Autoprop before departure. More details here.

'Hirta'.This wonderful 35 ton pilot cutter celebrates her one hundredth birthday in 2011. For years she was owned by respected yachting journalist, Tom Cunliffe. He explains why fitting an Autoprop to Hirta was the most effective change they made.More here.

Elan 434.It is no fun when the weather turns nasty. Even worse when it is sudden and you are lying to anchor just 10 metres from a lee shore. Alex and Philip Fleig feel they have good reason to be grateful to the Autoprop they retrofitted to their Elan. More here..

The 68 year old Grandmother who has already made one single handed circumnavigation hopes to have another go in her Autoprop equipped yacht. This time non-stop! Read more here.

Amel trust Autoprop.For many years the highly respected French yacht builder Chantiers Amel have fitted Autoprops to their yachts as standard. More details here.

Sunshine.The beautiful William Fife classic ‘Sunshine’ is almost out of fuel 5 days from harbour in windless conditions. Did she make it? Find out here.

From Arctic to Antarctic. Whilst not all Autoprops will operate in the conditions experienced by this Beneteau First 42 it clearly demonstrates they are not only very robust but also provide excellent performance. More details here.

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